Utility classes
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file  util.h
 Main include file for utility classes.


class  genetiK::util::Exception
 Exception is the base class of all exceptions thrown by classes in the GenetiK library. More...
class  genetiK::util::IllegalStateException
 Signals that an objects is in an illegal state. More...
class  genetiK::util::Log
 Provided basic logging functionalities. More...
class  genetiK::util::Random
 This class represents both the interface and the container of the Random implementation used in the genetiK library . More...
class  genetiK::util::RandomDefault
 This class is the default random implementation with the 'Mersenne Twister' algorithm. More...


enum  genetiK::util::ELogLevel {
  genetiK::util::DEBUG, genetiK::util::INFO, genetiK::util::WARN, genetiK::util::ERROR,
  genetiK::util::FATAL, genetiK::util::NONE
 Default log priority levels. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum genetiK::util::ELogLevel

Default log priority levels.

Log levels are defined such that DEBUG < INFO < WARN < ERROR < FATAL

DEBUG  Debug-specific messages, providing information about detailed program execution
INFO  Informative messages about program execution
WARN  Warning messages (Default level)
ERROR  Error messages
FATAL  Fatal, program blocking errors that force program exit
NONE  This level is used to disable logging

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